Commercial Solar Finance



Solar Financing For Commercial Businesses

Commercial Solar Finance is a specialist field combining expertise in both solar energy and solar finance.

Below is an introduction to solar funding solutions each suited to specific requirements and objectives. Solar Retailers, Installers and Electricians Click HERE.

Solar Rental

Rentals also known as an operating lease are ideal for tax paying companies who wish to use the savings generated by their solar system to cover their repayments.  This is a popular product that comes with low fixed regular monthly payments, no deposit and a flexible term. In many cases our clients will be tax flow positive from day one, meaning their loan repayments are less than the savings produced by the solar system.

Chattel Mortgage

Usually not-for-profit and community organisations select this option as they can’t benefit from tax breaks. The solar system goes onto the asset register and the lender takes a mortgage over the system.  Eligible businesses should be able to claim back the GST as a lump sum and if the solar system costs less than $150K (up from $30K until 31 December 2020) it may be written off in one year (subject to ATO guidelines).

Finance Lease

This funding option suits commercial organisations who prefer a predetermined end of term payment. At the end of the financed term you have a fixed payment to own the solar system which is usually $1. This amount is somewhat flexible so we can increase it to lower your monthly repayments if necessary.

Solar Serviced Lease Agreement

Should you wish to reduce your electricity costs however don’t want to own, operate or maintain a solar system then a SSLA  could be right for you. Your solar system is built with no upfront costs to you and includes insurance, monitoring and maintenance. You simply pay a fixed monthly amount (usually cash inflow will exceed cash outflows) and everything else is taken care of.  One of the main  benefits of this option is that the solar system performance risk is borne by the  lender and not the  customer. Monthly payments can also be set up to mirror the seasons….pay more in summer and less in winter for example.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which solar funding option is the best?

This depends entirely on your clients risk profile as well as their requirements and objectives. Call us to discuss!

Is there a payout amount at the end of the term?

There may or may not be depending on the type of finance. We will structure funding to suit your requirements.

Can you fund solar for leased premises?

Definitely. The lease, including options, needs to be longer than the loan term. We may or may not need a landlord waiver depending on the size of the loan.

What is the interest rate?

Interest rates vary from lender to lender and are determined by the applicants profile, the amount and term. Contact us for indicative rates

When do repayments start?

If payments are in advance then your first payment is at settlement. This is the standard arrangement. If payments are in arrears then your first payment is at the end of the first month.

Which solar funding option is the best?

This depends entirely on your clients risk profile as well as their requirements and objectives. Call us to discuss!

Is a caveat taken over property?

No. Essentially caveats give someone a legal right, power or interest over your property. Generally it doesn’t make sense to do this just for a solar system.

What is the finance term?

Anywhere between 24 and 180 months. The most popular terms are 60 and 84 months

What is the minimum and maximum finance amounts?

Generally, between $5000 and $10,000,000. The upper amount largely depends on each lenders risk appetite. We have funders that will go into the tens of millions of dollars.

Do we need to provide financials?

Financials are normally not required up to $165,000 (incl gst) if you meet lender requirements.

We are located in a remote area, can you assist us?

We service the whole of Australia, including remote areas.

Are you able to help with newly formed businesses.

Contact us to discuss your scenario, and we will help any way we can!

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