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About Us

About Australian Solar Finance

We are a 100% Australian owned independent family business specialising in solar energy finance solutions. We finance a range of renewable energy assets including solar photovoltaic (solar PV) systems, energy efficient lighting, power factor correction, voltage optimisation, building management systems, battery storage, metering and metering infrastructure, solar farms gas projects, wind developments and more.

By working with us you will have access to our vendor approved partners. Our vendors are
thoroughly vetted and Clean Energy Council Approved giving you complete peace of mind.

We stand by:

Exceptional customer service

 We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service. This means we are responsive, flexible and always go the extra mile for our clients. Have a look at our testimonials to see what some our customers have to say.

We make it affordable

With access to a wide variety of Australian lenders, we can provide payment options that make owning a solar system very affordable. You could be cash flow positive from day one. Effectively the savings from your solar system could potentially more than cover your repayments.

We value quality

We only finance solar systems which are being installed by lender approved and CEC Accredited installers. All installers have been evaluated giving you complete peace of mind.

People have already purchased our solar products


Of residential renewable energy generated

Invested into green power in 2015 alone

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Q: Why your solar energy plan is better?

A: EcoLife solar energy plans are devised with one main feature in mind – namely, to make solar more affordable.

Many homeowners who want to enjoy the benefits of solar energy can’t afford the upfront cost associated with a cash system, so with a solar energy plan, we make the upfront investment.

That means that on par with technically owning the panels, we are responsible for the system’s operation, repairs, and monitoring. And we guarantee that your system will produce what we say it will or we’ll pay you.* Our customers get solar electricity at a locked in price. We have different payment options available and provide 24/7 monitoring.

Q: Why do you need to know my energy consumption over each of the last 12 months?

A: The accuracy of your previous energy consumption record allows us to customize a solar solution that matches your lifestyle, current and future. Having it makes our solar offer more accurate and best predicts your potential savings when going solar.

Q: Which steps do I need to take to go solar?

A: The process usually consists of these 3 main steps:

a) Solar Evaluation of your Home

b) Solar Design Approval – > Installation

c) Utility Approval (PTO) & Activation

Q: What are the advantages of going solar?

A: Just as our planet does, everything in our lives revolves around the sun.

The funny thing is that even the oil is made of plants, that grew thanks to the sun’s energy too…

Unlike fossil fuels, however, solar power is a virtually endless, renewable source of power that creates no pollution. Still, despite a lot of advantages of solar energy, America still relies almost entirely on expensive, polluting fossil fuels. However, a solar revolution is already set in motion. Today, companies — like EcoLife® Solar in Southern California — are part of the expansive green energy movement that helps homeowners install solar panels for no money down, find attractive lease-to-own options and help clients receive government incentives right away. Read on for 11 advantages of solar energy.

Q: So, how long does a solar panel last?

A: The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) found that solar panel conversion efficiency typically degrades at 0.5% per year for panels made before 2000, and 0.4% for those made in the 21st century. This is more of a theoretical limit and how long a solar panel actually lasts will depend upon a number of factors including the quality of the material, environmental conditions, and how well maintained the system is.

Solar panel manufacturers also offer linear performance warranties against how much decrease in power output a solar panel may experience over its useful life. For instance, solar panels made by Qcell and Trina, come with 25 year (performance) warranties, meaning the power conversion efficiency of the panels will not fall below 83% (Qcell), 80%  (Trina) of their rated value 25 years from the date of installation

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