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Commercial Solar Finance

We provide a range of financial services for commercial businesses, not-for-profits and government organisations.


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About Australian Solar Finance

We are a 100% Australian owned independent family business specialising in solar energy finance solutions. We finance a range of renewable energy assets including solar photovoltaic (solar PV) systems, energy efficient lighting, power factor correction, voltage optimisation, building management systems, battery storage, metering and metering infrastructure, solar farms, gas projects, wind developments, electric and hydrogen motor vehicles and more. By working with us you will have access to our vendor approved partners. Our vendors are thoroughly vetted and Clean Energy Council Approved therefore giving you complete peace of mind.


Increase in large-scale energy project investments in 2018

Gigawatts of new energy generation under construction or financially committed at the end of 2018


Growth in commercial solar installations throughout 2018


Total electricity generation from renewable sources – its highest ever level

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We’re setting the standard for Customer Service

Having now gone through the process of seeking and achieving a short term loan facility I can state categorically that Andrew and his team provided an excellent service. Notably he was `on it’ 24/7 to keep us informed and appraised of issues to fast track the process.

Name withheld for commercial reasons


I have been in the Solar industry for over 7 years and have worked with Australian Solar Finance for several years already on multiple commercial projects needing finance. I have no hesitation in recommending Australian Solar Finance to any company requiring funding!

ASF keeps abreast of the industry securing the best finance options available, ASF is professional, handles every detail confidentially enabling assistance pre-sale without concerns, unlike the bias shown by certain alternative brokers in the industry.

On a recent project AFS achieved for us funding for a client which had already been rejected by one of our Solar competitors finance partners for finance. The client had only been in business for under 4 months and posed some serious complexities, Win win, client was happy and so were we, this is only one example.

Honestly I feel in two minds about writing this review although because of the difference AFS has made for us I feel compelled, I am however also a little bitter about sharing this with our competitors 🙁

#1 for Commercial Solar Finance


Sales Manager

We use Andrew for our Commercial Solar Finance and what we like is the honesty Andrew always displays, which is hard to find these days. He is very proactive and always kept us up to date throughout the whole finance process. The bonus is his rates are very competitive and I look forward to working with him in the future.


Sales Manager

We have been working with Andrew as one of our main Finance Providers since 2015. We’ve worked on different types of finances packages tailoring these packages to our client’s needs. Andrew’s services are always prompt and professional with a high degree of quality finesse. We have been very satisfied with Andrew’s work. I would like to share with you one project that stands out. Only recently Andrew’s promptness and diligence on this particular job has proven his level of quality and dedication to his work. Where most companies would have taken several days to complete, Andrew had this particular project come through within six hours. In our opinion it has been the knowledge and understanding of his work that resulted in such an impressive result.



Andrew has been helpful for our organization for the last 2 years. He has been providing us with finance consulting on a variety of circumstances. I am glad to confirm that his advice has worked very well for our business loans and the finance facilities that he suggested for our customers. I have no hesitation in confirming that he responds to our requests promptly and helps us to help our customers in the best possible ways.We have no hesitation in using us as a business reference and/or publishing the above as a testimonial.


Business Owner

We have engaged the professional services of Andrew Brito through our industry for the last 2 years. Andrew shows the utmost professionalism when dealing with our clients on our behalf. With a strong focus on customer service, Andrew delivers on time and goes above and beyond to meet his customers’ expectations. We look forward to working with Andrew in the future and would not hesitate to recommend his services to others.


Managing Director

Just a quick note to say thanks for everything you did to make the solar finance happen.

Feeling much better about the electricity bill now!



Projects funded using our easy payment options

Solar panels on roof next to air conditioning unit

Food Wholesaler

WA, Australia

1 X Fronius Inverter 59 x Canadian Solar Panels

Shiny energy panels on roof of business

Injection Moulding

WA, Australia

1 x Fronius Inverter 133 x Suntech Solar Panels

PV on roof of Medical Clinic

Medical Clinic

VIC, Australia

3 x Huawei Inverters 242 x Longi Solar Panels

Large Photovoltaic System on roof of shipping container depot

Shipping Container Suppliers

NSW, Australia

6 x Fronius Inverters 580 x Trina SMART Solar Panels

Flat Alternative Energy Panels on Kids Fun Centre

Kids Fun Centre

WA, Australia

2 x Fronius Inverters 137 x REC Solar Panels

Photovoltaics on roof of Christian Church

Christian Church

VIC, Australia

1 x Fronius Inverter 130 x HT SAAE Solar Panels

Small renewable energy system on roof of Baby Clothes Warehouse

Baby Clothes Warehouse

WA, Australia

1 X Fronius Inverter 19 x REC Solar Panels

Solar panels on roof next to air conditioning unit

Red Rooster

WA, Australia

1 X Fronius Inverter, 10 Tigo Optimisers, 60 x Jinko Solar Panels

Flat renewable energy panels on roof of Foodworks in Queensland


QLD, Australia

2 x Fronius Inverters 100 x Longi Solar Panels

Solar on roof Hotel in Nanago Queensland


QLD, Australia

2 x Fronius Inverters 112 x BYD Solar Panels

Hairdressing salon with renewable energy system on roof

Hairdressing Salon

WA, Australia

1 x Solaredge Inverter 46 x Canadian Solar Panels

Commercial Solar System above Holiday Resort rooms

Holiday Resort

VIC, Australia

1 x Goodwe Inverter 74 x GCL Solar Panels

Solar Finance for Eatery in Melbourne


VIC, Australia

2 x Goodwe Inverter 136 x GCL Solar Panels

Alternative energy on Potato Farmers shed

Potato Farmer

VIC, Australia

1 x Goodwee Inverter 65 x Jinko Solar Panels

solar on split level workshop roof

Workshop / Spare Parts

WA, Australia

1 x Fronius Inverter 84 x JA Solar Panels

Café with solar system on front roof


QLD, Australia

2 x Fronius Inverter 100 x Longi Solar Panels

Café with solar system on front roof

Vehicle Crash Repairer

ACT,  Australia

2 X Fronius Inverter, 106 x Jinko Solar Panels

Café with solar system on front roof

Diesel Engine Rebuilders

WA,  Australia

1 X Fronius Inverter, 84 x JA Solar Panels

Café with solar system on front roof

Kitchen Makers

NSW,  Australia

1 X Huawei Inverter, 107 x Longi Solar Panels

Café with solar system on front roof


WA,  Australia

2 X SMA Inverters, 48 x Astro Energy Solar Panels, 2 x BYD Battery Storage, 2 x Victron Quatro Inverter Charger

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